Aqua Glycolic is a Premier Skin Care Line Backed by Decades of Research.

Developed by leading scientists from the same company that brought you Mederma® scar cream, Aqua Glycolic contains the highest levels of glycolic acid available without a prescription. At the same time, it's pH-balanced to help minimize skin irritation. The Aqua Glycolic line of products has been used for decades as an integral part of a daily skin care regimen.

Aqua Glycolic products provide you with benefits you can see, many of which will be immediately noticeable:

  • Removing dead, dry skin cells with rapid but gentle action
  • Stimulating collagen production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Maintaining skin's proper moisture level
  • Relieving rough, flaky skin conditions
  • Healing dry, cracked or sun-damaged skin
  • Treating acne or other minor blemishes
  • Helping to stimulate circulation in the skin