, Indian Wells, CA
My dermatologist recommended Aqua Glycolic products and am I glad! I started with the cleanser and my skin had never looked better. It had a radiance that made my skin look younger than my years. But the best testimonial? My husband, who would have never used a skincare product, asked what I was using and ordered some for himself...and reordered. Now, that's a testimonial!
, Arlington, TX
I was experiencing dry, bumpy skin on my upper arms, so my dermatologist recommended Aqua Glycolic lotion. I made a habit of applying it every morning. Its smooth, creamy texture felt good on my arms, and it really made a difference: My skin was rejuvenated back to its former softness. Since it's so gentle on my skin, I have continued using it although I'm no longer experiencing my previous skin problems.
, Issaquah, WA
Aqua Glycolic products have proven to be very effective for me. From sloughing off dead skin cells to moisturizing and diminishing fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I love the feel and results I have obtained thus far. Aqua Glycolic products are a must if you care about the appearance of your skin and looking younger.